ABC Center Singapore: Pioneering Autism Treatment for More Than 35 Years

For over 35 years, the global network of Applied Behavior Consultants (ABC Center), of which ABC Center Singapore is part of, has been beacon of hope in autism treatment, driven by a mission to enrich lives and a vision to empower families. Our founders set out to revolutionize autism therapy, and their passion has created a lasting legacy, touching the lives of families across the globe.

Autism Treatment Singapore | ABC Center for Autism

The Core of ABC Center’s Expertise

Our center’s success hinges on our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs). These experts bring a depth of knowledge and empathy to each child’s treatment, tailoring programs to meet individual needs. Their guidance ensures that every child at ABC Center receives the highest quality of care.

ABC Center’s Global Contributions

The ABC Center global network has significant contributions to autism treatment that have been widely recognised and celebrated. ABC network’s commitment to excellence and innovation has earned us prestigious awards, such as the Livingston Lecture Award and the International Dissemination of Behavior Analysis award from the Association for Behavior Analysis International. These accolades are a testament to our influence in shaping global autism therapy practices.

Our reach includes not only treatment but also research and education. We’ve shared our insights and methods through numerous publications, symposia presentations, and training sessions. These efforts have positioned ABC Center as a thought leader in the field, contributing significantly to the advancement of autism treatment worldwide.

Impact on Lives: Success Stories

Our center’s heart is in its success stories. Rachel Longan and Lisa Belmont shared their heartfelt experience with their son Ian and therapist Daryl Stewart. Ian’s journey illustrates the profound impact of our therapy on family life. His improved behavior and communication brought harmony and joy back into their lives, exemplifying the transformative power of our approach.

Another testament to our success is the story of a child who joined our program and, within a year, not only communicated effectively but also transitioned to a mainstream school. This remarkable achievement showcases our center’s effectiveness in fostering significant developmental progress.

Our Results: A Testament to Our Approach

At ABC Center Singapore, our results speak volumes about the effectiveness of our approach. Every child who joins our program experiences progress, a fact we’re incredibly proud of, in line with the clinical results of well-designed and implemented ABA programs. This is also a reflection of our dedication to each child’s unique journey and our commitment to employing the most effective strategies in autism therapy.

Moreover, a remarkable 90% of children in our program successfully transition to mainstream or special education schools. This high transition rate is indicative of the significant strides made by our students in areas such as communication, social skills, and academic readiness. It underscores the effectiveness of our tailored programs in preparing children with autism to integrate successfully into larger educational settings.

These outcomes are the result of our comprehensive and personalized approach to therapy. We focus not only on immediate skill development but also on building a strong foundation for long-term growth and independence. 

Join Us on This Journey

Embark on a life-changing journey with ABC Center Singapore. Discover our unique approach and methodology that have positively impacted countless lives. We invite you to become part of our supportive community, where hope and progress go hand in hand. For more information and to connect with our dedicated team, visit our website at ABC Center Singapore.

ABC Center offers the most clinically proven autism treatment in Singapore. Let’s work together to provide your child with the best pathway to progress in the world of autism therapy.

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