The R.E.A.L. Model:
Recreating Environments to Accelerate Learning Rethinking Generalization

by Brenda J Terzich, M.A., BCBA
President and Co-Founder  Applied Behavior Consultants (ABC Inc)

Are you a practicing Behavior Analyst or a professional who provides ABA treatment for children on the autism spectrum? Many barriers compete with the child’s ability to generalize concepts, skills and language taught during intervention and can vary as much as the disorder itself. Planned curriculums help to identify what to teach after an appropriate behavioral assessment, but they lack in guiding the practitioner to plan and teach for generalization systematically.

This new book by Brenda J. Terzich-Garland (M.A., BCBA) of Applied Behavior Consultants, Inc, addresses the gap in available materials to train other clinical staff, whether behavior technician implementers, behavior analyst supervisors, or other support roles vital to the treatment effectiveness for ABA intervention with regards to teaching for generalization

The R.E.A.L. Model described in this book is for any practitioner providing ABA services who needs to move beyond a conceptual understanding of generalization. It should be used as a guide to plan and systematically build in generalization while progressing intervention programs within intensive behavioral treatment.

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Behavior Analysis and Learning

by W. David Pierce and Carl D. Cheney

This book is used as one of the textbooks for teaching Applied Behavior Analysis to aspiring professionals..

It features the work of Applied Behavior Consultants (ABC Inc)’s co-founder,  Brenda Terzich Garland, M.A.,  specifically regarding the methods for enabling generalization in the treatment of autism.

“The co-founder of ABC,  Brenda Gerzich, also made valuable additions to the treatment of autism, designing and implmenting a programmed generalization model called Recreating Environments to Accelerate Learning (R.E.A.L.).”

    – excerpt from Behavior Analysis and Learning
(Pierce and Cheney)