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ABC Center USA CEO, Brenda Terzich Garland, has advanced the application of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
treatment of autism through a model called Recreating Environments to Accelerate Learning (R.E.A.L).

“ABA is not just about programming lessons to
reduce tantrums or teach new behavior.
It should connect the child with family and community
through impactful human experiences

Brenda Terzich Garland, CEO, ABC USA

Featured in Viewpoint: USA documentary

Published: Brenda Terzich Garland, May 2020

Cited in the textbook Behavior Analysis and Learning
(Pierce and Cheney, 2003)

Reported in Business View Magazine North America, May 2023

“When we began our relationship with you almost 2 years ago, we were overwhelmed and unsure about what to do.
Through your program, we have learned about autism and strategies we can use. “
– The Bancroft and Hobkirk Families

ABA Program Video

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ABC Center: Private Early Intervention Special Needs Early Intervention

Applied Behavior Consultants (ABC) Center is a global expert in providing autism therapy and treatment, helping children worldwide, and now in Singapore. ABC Center also provides therapy for children with other developmental disabilities. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy is the most clinically proven method for autism therapy and treatment in Singapore and globally.

The autism treatment process at ABC Center Singapore is effective, with 100% of children making progress, and 100% able to communicate their wants and needs within a year. If autism therapy is started early, a significant number of children with special needs are able to attend mainstream school with same age peers. We are the only autism treatment centre in Singapore with autism therapists that are highly experienced Board Certified Behavior Analysts to oversee the children’s progress.

Our autism school has had more than 30 years of helping special needs individuals worldwide, and now in Singapore. Our certified autism therapists are the some of the most qualified and experienced teachers in Singapore to guide your child through their autism therapy treatment journey.

Autism in Singapore

Autism is a learning disability which requires proper treatment from an experienced institution in Singapore. Some common symptoms include avoiding eye contact, and a reduced ability to socialize and interact. Some also show negative behaviour like tantrums. Without proper treatment, this could affect one’s education and interaction and daily life.

ABC Center is a private autism preschool in Singapore with expert therapists that provide 1-on-1 autism therapy. As a global expert in ABA therapy, our autism therapists recognize the importance of early autism treatment to help children with autism and their parents better handle their condition. We offer a range of therapy services that facilitate learning across all skill domains (language, cognitive, motor, social and behavioural skills, as well as pre-academic and preschool academics).

Our Autism Therapists in Singapore

ABC Center Singapore has some of the most experienced autism therapists in Singapore. We were the first center in the country with a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, and our Clinical Director has the most number of years experience as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst in Singapore. Our autism therapists in Singapore are all undergo our rigid global training program. Further more, all our autism therapists in Singapore undergo dual supervision, with both a lead autism therapist and a Behavior Analyst to provide oversight of their work.

How to Reach Out to Us

Should you have any questions about our programmes, contact us today. Our autism treatment centre and autism preschool is located at:

Address: 318 Tanglin Road, 01-42, Singapore 247979
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