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EIPIC – P (PPIP) subsidised Early Intervention Programme in Singapore


ABC Center is an EIPIC – P Centre in Singapore which provides a subsidised early intervention programme, EarlyPreps. This early intervention programme has been appointed by the Singapore government’s Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA).

Singaporean and PR children (from 0-6 yrs) who are recommended by their pediatricians to receive Early intervention Programme for Intants and Children (EIPIC) intervention in Singapore will be able to apply for and receive financial subsidies through our early intervention centre.


Consistent with clinical results in the field of Early Intensive Behavior Intervention, using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, our EIPIC centre’s early intervention programme shows that:

100% of children show improvement

100% are able to communicate their wants and needs within one year

90% are eventually transitioned to mainstream or special education school

If early intervention programme is started early, a significant number of children are transitioned to school with same age peers in Singapore.


ABC Center is the only global autism ABA centre with an Early Intervention Programme (EarlyPreps Group Intervention) that has been approved by Singapore’s Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) for EIPIC – P Scheme in Singapore.

Developed for children who have special needs, EarlyPreps is an Early Intervention Group Programme for children in Singapore who are ready to learn in a group classroom setting, and are preparing for eventual mainstream or special education school. Hence, children who are recommended by paediatricians for early intervention, EIPIC schools, PPIP centres, or EIPIC centres in Singapore should apply.


EarlyPreps is specially designed for children from 3 to 6 years old, with special needs such as autism and other development disabilities. Our objective is to prepare the children for primary mainstream or special needs school, in Singapore or overseas, depending on the skill of the child.


During the early intervention programme at our EIPIC centre here in Singapore, the children learn in a group classroom setting, while having an individualised learning plan tailored to each child’s unique needs . Each classroom has four to eight children. This classroom setting at our EIPIC centre allows focus on the special needs of the children, and allows them to effectively socialize and learn in a Group Early Intervention Programme-style environment in Singapore.

At the same time, there will be enough focus on the special needs of each child, as there is a low staff to child ratio (1 staff for every 4 children).

Despite the group classroom setting at our early intervention centre, each child has his/her own individualized education plan (IEP) to ensure that the child learns according to his/ her own special needs, learning style and learning pace.


The curriculum of our early intervention programme in Singapore is based on ABA therapy applied in a Group Intervention Program learning in Singapore, with focus on building language and communication skills, cognitive and perception skills (including basic reading, writing and numeracy), social/ group and play skills, motor skills, self-help and independence. Additionally, we work on other special needs, such as reducing any negative behavior (eg. tantrums, etc.) to help children behave appropriately for classroom and group learning at school in Singapore.

Each child has his/her own individualized education plan (IEP) that details out specific targets for the child in all the learning areas above. This is tracked regularly and adjusted according to the child’s speed of acquisition and learning style.

Who is Eligible for EIPIC in Singapore?

Singaporean or Permanent Resident children up to 6 years old are eligible to apply for EIPIC centre singapore subsidy if meeting ECDA criteria, which includes a recommendation for early intervention from a pediatrician, with referral made through SG Enable. Application for EIPIC centre singapore is through SG Enable.

How to Apply for EIPIC in Singapore?

Application for early intervention in Singapore in EIPIC centres is handled through SG Enable. Parents must first approach a doctor or pediatrician for assessment at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, or other government hospitals, or private pediatricisns. If the pediatrician deems the child suitable for EIPIC or early intervention, the pediatrician will recommend EIPIC and can course the recommendation via SG Enable.

Why Choose Our Early Intervention Programme in Singapore?

ABC Center Singapore’s group early intervention programme is one of the first EIPIC-P, formerly known as PPIP, centers in Singapore. It is the only EIPIC-P center in Singapore using Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) as its core methodology, applied in a group learning setting, with Board Certified Behavior Analysts overseeing the progress of the children in our EIPIC center. Our children also benefit from the services of our Consultant Educational Psychologist, as well as our Consultant Speech Language Pathologist when needed.

In our recent year’s graduate, almost half of our graduating children have transitioned from our early intervention centre to a mainstream primary school.


Early Intensive Behavior Intervention, using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, is the theoretical foundation of the EarlyPreps program.


– ensuring learning is done in accordance to his/ her own pace, while providing socialization and group dynamics skills in a small group classroom setting.



– enabling parents to handle the child effectively at home, consistent with the techniques used at our EIPIC center, is key to the child’s success. Hence, a 7-week Parent Training course is automatically included in the early intervention programme for all who enroll in Singapore.



– ABC Center Singapore is an early intervention center that has significant expertise in driving generalization of skills (i.e. ensuring that skills learned at the center are effectively reapplied at home and in the community). Our 5-level generalization program, based on the clinical work done by our co-founder, Brenda Terzich (Recreating Environment to Accelerate Learning, Terzich 1996) enables ABC to focus on this well.



– ABC Center is an early intervention centre that believes in providing a holistic approach to a child’s development in Singapore. Hence our team includes Board Certified Behavior Analysts, who are experts at Behavior Analysis, Early Intervention Teachers, as well as other experts such as an Educational Psychologist and Speech/Language Pathologist who provide specialist support.



ABC Center Singapore is part of the global network of Applied Behavior Consultants, Inc. which was founded in the USA over 30 years ago. Our aim is to prepare children for either mainstream or special needs school depending on their skills, in Singapore and overseas. We have helped thousands of individuals with autism, and other development disabilities in 4 continents worldwide.

ABC Inc. has helped pioneer and advance the field of Early Intensive Behavior Intervention, using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, globally. Our founder, Dr. Joseph Morrow, has been awarded for ‘Outstanding Contribution to the International Dissemination of Behavior Analysis’ (2006, awarded by Association of Behavior Analysis International). Our Co-Founder, Brenda Terzich’s work on generalization of skills learned (Recreating Environment to Accelerate Learning, 1996) is cited in the textbook Behavior Analysis and Learning (Epling and Pierce, 1995 2nd & 3rd Edition, Pierce and Cheney 2013, 4th & 5th Edition). See more on our awards here.

In Singapore, we are the only early intervention center with Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) to supervise all the children’s progress daily. We are the only global ABA provider with an EIPIC approved early intervention programme in Singapore, targeted to help children who are recommended by paediatricians for early intervention, EIPIC centres, PPIP centres and EIPIC schools in Singapore. We have seen significant success in our work and have been honored to successfully serve many children in Singapore. See more on success stories  here


EarlyPreps Early Intervention Programme runs from Monday to Friday from 8:30am – 12:30pm (with options for children to join Daily (M-F) or 3x a week (MWF) available.) or from Monday to Thursday from 2:30pm – 5:30pm.


318 Tanglin Road, Phoenix Park Office Campus, #01-59, Singapore 247979
Call 94236248, or email admin@abccentersingapore.com

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