Speech therapy for children

ABA intervention for language, social, speech, and education therapy in Singapore

Programs for Toddlers/ Children/ Teens and Young Adults

.   from low to high-functioning autism .   in English or Mandarin  .  with EIPIC-P (PPIP) subsidy for Singaporeans/PRs in select programs

Educational therapy singapore

1on1 ABA for 36month olds and below

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Speech therapy for children | ABC Center

1on1 and Starter ABA for 3 yrs and above

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Educational therapy singapore | ABC Center

Group ABA with EIPIC-P (PPIP) subsidy

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Speech therapy for children | ABC Center Singapore

Assessment for readiness and shadowing in School

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Educational therapy singapore | ABC Center Singapore

Coaching on social cues to build social competency

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Speech therapy for children | ABC Center 1

For older children/teens, living and prevocational skills

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Programs for Overseas Families

Hybrid of online therapy and in-person consultation and parent /caregiver training for families living outside Singapore.


ABA Consultation & Therapy

Travelers to Singapore

Power Foundation ABA

Programs for Parents and Caregivers

We believe parents and caregivers are integral to maximize the success of the ABA therapy program for toddlers , children and teens. Hence, we provide training seminars to enable consistency of approach both in the center and at home.

Consultant Specialist Services

Speech / Language Therapy:

This is conducted by Speech-Language Pathologist, Dr Lisa Lim, PhD., Clinical Director of The Speech Practice.   Services for individual sessions include speech, language, verbal dyspraxia, feeding, voice and stuttering.  Group sessions for social thinking and theory of mind are also available.


Educational Psychologist Consultation:

This is conducted by Educational Psychologist, Ms. Jessie Ooh, M.A, Director of Jessie Pediatric Psychological Services.  Services include Psychologist Diagnostic Assessment, School Readiness Assessment, as well as other educational psychology support.


Occupational Therapy:

This is provided by Ms Janine Tan  (BOccThy, SIPT certified), Clinical Director & Senior Occupational Therapist of KidzSTAR Occupational Therapy (Pte. Ltd.). Individual assessment and intervention sessions (both centre and home-based) are available.

Services for Non-government Organizations/Schools handling Special Needs

As an expert in the field of autism with an extensive track record in conducting foundational ABA therapies for basic skills, and teaching social skills to autistic children, and reducing negative behavior like tantrums/injurious behaviors, ABC provides consultations to schools handling special needs individuals.

These consultations include: training of school staff on handling of individuals with autism, assessment of the school structure using the “pyramid-powered classroom checklist”,  child-specific assessment and creation of education programs and Behavior Intervention Plans.

Speech therapy for children | ABC Center 2

In the News: ABC US operation feature, Newsweek, July 31, 2000

Educational therapy singapore | ABC Center 2


Thank you to the dedicated work of our professional staff and the support of the parents and families of the children in our care.