Individualized Program: The ABA Intervention program is uniquely created based on a comprehensive assessment of the individual (via an 8-hour assessment – one of the most comprehensive in Singapore).  The program is tailored to fit unique learning styles, and continuously adapted as the person progresses to higher skill levels.

Language Priority: Acquiring language is one of our primary goals.   We use several methods – including PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) for those who are non-vocal.   We teach vocalisation at the same time to give the foundation for language. 100% of our children can express their wants and needs within one year.

Generalization: ABCs unique 5-level generalization program was developed by Co-Founder Brenda Terzich-Garland (Recreating Environment to Accelerate Learning, R.E.A.L, 1996) to enable skills learned in therapy to be used quickly in everyday life.  This is a systematic 5-level program that ensures faster generalisation and learning.

Positive Programming: To address behavior problems that prevent children from learning skills, ABC uses Positive Programming Procedures.

BCBA Supervision on-site:  ABC is the only center in Singapore with four Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA’s) on-site!  BCBA’s are uniquely trained to design a child’s program accurately, and to supervise its implementation well.

1:1 Child/Therapist Ratio: ABC believes in ensuring a 1 to 1 ratio to give appropriate focus to each child specially at the start of a program.  Only when a child can benefit from social interaction do we enhance the program to enable interaction in pairs or small groups.

Parent training: Parents play a central role in a child’s development.  We aim for a consistent approach in both our center and at the child’s home.   We include an 7-week parent/caregiver training for free as part of our package to maximize the effectivity of our program for your child.

Data-based: Data of the behaviors of each child should be the fundamental basis for their program.   We meticulously collect data from each session and analyse these fully — daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly–  to see the child’s rate of improvement and determine how to progress with the child’s program.

Our global success is driven by: our data-based approach, our emphasis on
language, and our unique 5-level generalization (R.E.A.L.) program.