*all names and photos are altered for confidentiality

Abby Video

2 year old Abby* has autism, and had little social skills —  only interested in objects, not in people. After a few years of therapy at ABC Center,  she is now a sociable child…  and just like many little girls,  now has a best friend to play with!

Amelia Video

5 yr old Amelia* has autism, anxiety and selective mutism. After 3 years of therapy, she has moved from a non-verbal child to a confident speaker. ABC Center’s behavior analyst describes her journey.

Lisa Video

Lisa* has both autism and a visual impairment.  It was important to teach her how to communicate so she can navigate the world. ABC Center shares how this was done, and how Lisa is now a more confident communicator, despite the autism, and the visual impairment.

4 year old Kayla* could  not pay attention to teachers or join class group time, and would stim (by flapping her arms) instead. But she has progressed!  Today, she joined class circle time, without stimming, for the first time!

Shankar* used to have severe tantrums, slapping his own face whenever upset.  Today, ABC Center celebrates a first month of ZERO tantrums! There is still a long way to go,  but we want to give him a shout out for his great progress.

For children w/ autism, eye contact takes a lot of effort to learn, and is a huge milestone.  3 year old Dana* has just learned this! This is the starting point for learning, socializing,  and navigating the world!  Congratulations, Dana!